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Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss, by Maya Banks

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Devon Carter is close to getting the merger he’s being waiting for but it comes with a price, he has to marry Ashley. Ashley is clueless about the business side of her father’s company and thinks meeting Devon was by chance; until her wedding night.


I am in love with this story. The first two chapters had me pulled into the story as we follow Devon and Ashley life before the wedding. In the beginning, Devon was the take charge alpha male who was conflicted with the decision that transpired between Ashley’s father and himself. Ashley was bubbly, outgoing and trustworthy of everyone, and has this innocence about her that Devon was not use to. I enjoyed the moments leading up to their wedding. After the wedding, everything went down hill. Once Ashley discovered the true intentions behind her marriage it all fell apart. Everyone’s personality was so different and I felt sorry for both Devon as he felt like he was walking on egg shells around his wife and Ashley, as she is trying to become the person she thinks Devon wants her to be. Apart from all this turmoil I thought they still had great chemistry and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to give up on them.

This story held my interest as I read it in one sitting as the characters had me engrossed with their lives. I’m a bit melodramatic and, yes, I got mushy towards the end because Devon’s epiphany and attempts at reclaiming his wife were simple, sweet and perfect. As this is a series I’m sad that I have been missing out and need to catch up on the previous books.

Book 1, Enticed by His Forgotten Lover
Book 2, Wanted by Her Lost Love
Books 3, Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss
Books 4, Undone by Her Tender Touch

Storyline: GOOD
Enjoyment: GOOD
Intimacy Level: GOOD

 Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss, by Maya Banks

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss, by Maya Banks

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